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My name is James

I have a dream. I dream of cycling in the Dolomites

My name is James, I'm 47 years old, and I love cycling. On my bike, I've learned to observe the world with calmness. I love nature, and when I discovered DBD in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage, I said to myself: "that's where I want to ride."

Campolongo pass with the road bike
On the Giro d'Italia passes

I've always been a fan of the Giro, and the stages in the Dolomites are my dream. My dream is to ride on those roads without worrying about cars and motorbikes.

The passes on the circuit
Amateur cycling event in the Dolomites
A beautiful loop

Thanks to my bike, I have discovered the pleasure of admiring the world with calmness, and I understood what my limits are. Now, I want to realise my biggest dream: to cycle on the roads where the Giro has written history.

The cycling route
The correct clothes

I know that in June it can be cold in the Dolomites. Particularly above 2,000 meters. I will plan everything accordingly: jacket, arm warmers, vest, leg warmers, and shoe covers.

The right clothing
Bike rental Arabba
Renting, a good solution

I know I could bring my bike, but how will they treat it in transit? I will also seek professional help about what's the best bike to use for the day.

Rent a bike

"Da Ciaulonch a Fauzare ruon con puoch plu de n vare", as the Ladins say. From Campolongo pass to Falzarego pass it only takes little more than one step.

The old saying goes: "Chënche el Ciuita l a el ciapel or ven burt or ven bel." When Monte Civetta wears a hat, the weather is going to be good or bad.