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Dolomites Bike Day 2021: Rebirth on pedals

Event 2021 Event 2022

"Da pera a pera", from stone to stone: this is how the locals call the last, very tough, 100 meters to reach the top of the Valparola. Constant gradient between 12% and 15%.

We have waited a long time, much too long. And it was great to meet up again, to feel close to each other again, free to do what we like best: to love nature in all its purity and with a few drops of sweat. Up there, we felt loved, and it was a wonderful day. There were over six thousand of us, cyclists of all kinds: all different but all the same in the saddle. Yes, there was the superhero, the group of friends, the girl on the e-bike and the mother with the pram.

Everyone had a smile on their face, because cycling over the Dolomite passes when they are closed to traffic has this effect: you put your hands on the handlebars and everything seems as it should be, simply wonderful. Thank you Dolomites Bike Day, thank you Campolongo, thank you Falzarego, thank you Valparola who hosted us once again. You have shown us that beauty exists.

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