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Road cycling etiquette

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The old saying goes: "Chënche el Ciuita l a el ciapel or ven burt or ven bel." When Monte Civetta wears a hat, the weather is going to be good or bad.

In the last years, more and more cyclists have taken to the Dolomites to climb the legendary roads and passes that have made cycling history. If you too want to take up the challenge and at the same time contribute to improving the harmonious relationship between cyclists and car drivers, it is important to observe a few basic rules.

1. Observe the road traffic regulations

The Italian traffic code regulates the way people move in traffic, including cyclists. Some rules: stay in the right lane, do not cross on red, give way at intersections, give a turn signal (with your arm).

2. Don't idolise your mobile phone

Remember that, as with the car, it is absolutely forbidden to use your mobile phone when cycling. If you have to use it, stop where it is possible to do so without causing unnecessary and dangerous obstruction.

3. Love your bike as yourself

Before every tour, in addition to a good nutrition, you should check that your bike is OK. Brakes, lights (front and rear), reflectors (rear and side reflectors on wheels and pedals), bell and tyres - everything needs to be in place. And remember, a repair kit is your best companion.

4. Never ride without a helmet

Don't be a superhero, don't feel like the Tarzan of the hairpin bends: use your head, so always wear a helmet, no matter what, and don't make a fuss. And make sure your children wear it too when they go out on their bikes.

5. Stay in the line

If you ride in a group, remember that on cycle paths as well as on the road it is compulsory to ride in single file. Also, always use common sense. It's true that you can ride at very high speeds, but that doesn't mean you have to. Adjust your speed, especially downhill, not only to your ability but also to individual circumstances.

6. put yourself in the limelight!

If you want everyone to admire your achievements, it's only fair that you make yourself clearly visible. Lights and reflectors must be fitted and used correctly (the traffic code prescribes use after sunset to half an hour before sunrise and during the day in all circumstances of poor visibility, including tunnels). And if you change direction, indicate it in advance. Use your arm.

7. Don't think you are the only one on earth

The road is a shared resource and there is enough space for everyone. When you go out cycling, remember that you are equal to other road users. So, respect the rules and demand respect. Move wisely, cautiously and with confidence.

8. Don't litter and be polite

Don't scatter papers and other things around. Put the waste of everything you use away and throw it in a bin. A clean street is even nicer. The roads you cycle on are part of the common ecosystem. Don't forget that.

It is customary among cyclists to greet each other when you meet. And of course, people are happy to help if necessary.

9. Don't get any strange ideas

When cycling, it is forbidden to be pulled, to be towed by any kind of vehicle or to ride animals. Always keep it in mind!

10. Keep your hands on the handlebars

Of course you can feel like Froome at the Tour, but you need to be secure in the saddle and always have at least one hand on the handlebars. It is essential to be able to see freely to the front and both sides at all times in order to be able to make the necessary manoeuvres in time.

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