Useful information

Where to start, parking areas, service

Where is the starting point, parking areas, road closure and … Here is a small guide containing useful information to organize your Dolomites Bike Day.

The Dolomites Bike Day is a cycling event without time measurement and without competition characteristics. No registration needed.

Road closure
Sunday, 16th June 2019, the roads along the Dolomites Bike Day route are closed from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Caution: despite traffic restrictions, cars or motorcycles may be moving along the route.

Cycling direction
For safety reasons, it is strong recommended to ride counter-clockwise.

Starting points
You may start at any point along the route Alta Badia – Campolongo pass – Arabba – Pieve di Livinallongo – Falzarego pass- Valparola pass – Alta Badia.

Parking spaces
There are public parking spaces in all villages and on the passes.

First Aid and technical service
A first-aid service is available along the route throughout the duration of the event. An emergency service is planned in the following areas: La Villa, Campolongo pass, Pieve di Livinallongo and Valparola pass.
At the end of the event those a “broom service” will pick up participants who are no longer able to cycle to the starting point.
Technical support is available at the following points: La Villa, Campolongo pass, Pieve di Livinallongo and Valparola pass. The technical service is against payment. It is charged to the cyclists who use it.

Important telephone numbers
Emergency: Tel
Carabinieri: tel. 112
Police: Tel
Fire brigade: Tel