Climb from Corvara to the Campolongo pass

The Campolongo pass, the first climb of the Maratona dles Dolomites, is doubtless one of the lowest-lying climbs in the Dolomites but it contains some very special features. With only 1,875m at its highest point it is, for example, the ideal pass route if you want to learn how to ride round hairpins, improve your downhill riding and practise uphill.

Approaching the Campolongo pass from the Corvara side is an ideal way of getting used to the climb, and, as mentioned before, it offers some interesting challenges: The straight stretches aren’t particularly steep, but the hairpins are. In fact, just the opposite of most of the Dolomites passes which have almost flat hairpins and steep straights.

As the road from Corvara to the Campolongo pass is on a very slowly moving landslide, just a few cm a year, it gets re-paved every year around mid-June (shortly before the Maratona dles Dolomites) and it is particularly pleasant to ride there during the whole of the summer season.

Just outside Corvara your ride starts with a sequence of hairpins and after approx. 2 km you get to a short flat section that leads past the Alta Badia golf course. After that, there are 2 more hairpins before you reach the last, 2.5 km long linear slope towards the peak of the pass. That last part is not steep, but because it is not protected by trees or bends, you might need to cope with some headwind.

Fact sheet

Vertical climb: 353 m
Average gradient: 6.0 %
Steepest gradient: 11%
Starting elevation: 1,545 m
Final elevation: 1,875 m
Distance: 5.8 km
Total hairpins: 13

2 water fountains: one at the beginning of the climb near the old church of Corvara and one after 2.3 km on the flat part near the Golf course

Other roads to the Campolongo pass: starting in Arabba
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Passages of the “Giro d’Italia”: 14

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