Dolomites Bike Day


The Dolomites Bike Day is above all a bicycle festival, open to all cycling enthusiasts of all sexes and of all ages. However, to ensure a relaxed and joyful bike day, there are some important rules to be followed.

The route of the Dolomites Bike Day

Starting for example from Corvara|Alta Badia: Campolongo pass – Arabba – Pieve di Livinallongo – Falzarego pass – Valparola pass – San Cassiano|Alta Badia, on roads closed to traffic, reserved for cyclists.

  1. What is the “Dolomites Bike Day” ?

    The Dolomites Bike Day is a NON-competitive cycling event open to everyone which takes place on roads closed to traffic, in compliance with the general traffic rules.

  1. Road traffic regulations | Environment

    The entire event takes place in accordance with the existing road traffic regulations, so to assure the safety of all participants. All participants are also obliged to respect and save the environment.

  2. Road closure | Cycling direction

    The roads are closed to motorized traffic from 9:30am to 2:30pm. The closure is planned for half an hour before the opening to cyclists, allowing any traffic on the passes to reach its destination. The organising committee, does not guarantee absolute absence of traffic on the route.

    It is recommended to ride counterclockwise.

  3. Safety – Use of helmet

    Bearing in mind, that you are riding on steep pass roads and that you can reach high speeds, you should always keep to the right, only use the right hand lane and maintain a moderate speed during descent. Consider, that there are families with children and less experienced cyclists riding on the roads of the Dolomites Bike Day, be careful and respectful.
    For safety reasons, protective helmets are obligatory.

  4. Authorized vehicles

    The only vehicles which are allowed to drive along the closed streets during the road block from 9:30am to 2:30pm are those of the public security service (carabinieri, police, hospital, fire brigade, civil protection and all vehicles with special permission), they will have sirenes and warning lights. The vehicles of the organization are also permitted, they will have a flashing yellow light.

  5. Starting times | Registration

    Considering that the Dolomites Bike Day is not a race, but an event without competition characteristics, there is no exact start time. Anyone can start along the route when and where he wants.

    Important: The event officially starts at 9:30am. Before this time, before this time there may still be cars or motorcycles along the pass roads; the passes will be open to traffic again at 2:30pm.

    The Dolomites Bike Day is a non-competitive cycling event free of charge and open to every bicycle lover. No registration or cycling club membership is required.

  6.  Public busses to the passes

    On the Sunday of the Dolomites Bike Day the bus service to the Dolomites passes Campolongo, Falzarego and Valparola will be suspended .

  7. Responsibility

    The organizing committee of the Dolomites Bike Day can not be held responsible for any accidents or damages to persons or property that may occur before, during and after the event. Participation in the Dolomites Bike Day is at your own risk. Participants relinquish to any legal claim against third parties, against the organization and against all natural and legal persons involved in the organization of the event. All participants are obliged to observe the road traffic regulations.

  8. Rescue Service | Technical service | Broom wagon

    A first aid and rescue service is guaranteed along the entire route. An ambulance will be positioned in the following places: La Villa/Alta Badia, Passo Campolongo, Pieve di Livinallongo and Passo Valparola. The technical bike service will be positioned in the village La Villa/Alta Badia, at the Campolongo pass, in the village Pieve di Livinallongo and at the Valparola pass. The technical assistance services required are charged to the users who will use them.
    At the end of the event, all participants who cannot make it up the passes will be collected and helped on their way home.

    Important telephone numbers
    Emergency: Tel. 118
    Carabinieri: Tel. 112
    Police: Tel. 113
    Fire brigade: Tel. 115

  9. Pictures & videos

    Every participant implicitly authorises the O.C. to use for advertising purposes photos and videos taken during the event.